About me

Senior gentleman sporting a mustache and glasses
I am 75 old male. I was raise in Ottawa, Kansas. I want into the Army in 1968 and was discharge in 1976. I was station in Korea and Germany. I was also station at Fort Riley Kansas. I was a clerk in the motor pool. After I was discharged, I sent most of my life as a cook in nursing homes. Then I was a manager at Pizza Hut. I retired in 2011 at the age of 62. I spent most of my time study the Bible. I was a teacher at the Lighthouse Community Church. Pastor Dale Carter taught me a lot about the Bible. In 2017 I move to Topeka Ks to be closer to the VA Hospital. In 2018 I move into independent living. I lived there until March 2022, I moved into a long-term facility.
I have 3 children, granddaughter, and a 2 grandson. 6 great granddaughters and 1 great grandson.
This is the first book I have published. I started working on my book 2021. During a lot of praying and the leading of the Holy Spirit I started writing the book. Started out first getting the foundation of the book started. This took several months to get the Chapters in order. This took a lot of research, praying and studying. In 2022 I started to get the chapters in order and contents of the book. I printed all the Chapters and put them in a notebook to study the contents. In 2023 of March, I started to get the book finished and publish. I was living at a long-term facility when I was finalizing the book.
Pasto Dale Carter taught me never to give up. Yes, I felt like giving up at times, but the Holy Spirit kept leading me back to writing the book. No matter what seems impossible never give up.
These pages are a Bible study. This study can be used as personal study, family study or Church group. Pray these words will bring knowledge and understanding to encourage you.